Amie made $7 million with a bossy calendar and to-do app

Amie made $7 million with a bossy calendar and to-do app


Amie has raised $7 million in a seed round led by Spark Capital. The round he will close in June 2022, the startup will announce today. The company builds productivity apps that are pinned to the calendar. It helps you keep track of your schedule, connect with your team, and manage upcoming tasks.

Other investors in this round are Creandum, Guillermo Rauch, Hanno Renner and Quick Coffee Ventures. Amie competes with a new wave of calendar startups such as Vimcal, Magical, Fantastical, Cron and Rise. Crowded space, but I believe Amie can provide a better user experience.

As I wrote about Amie in the first article, this app combines calendar and todo. By default, unscheduled tasks are displayed in the left column of the calendar.

You can drag tasks from the sidebar and drop them onto your calendar at a specific date and time. This way you can see both events and tasks on a weekly basis. Many people already use their calendar as a kind of to-do app to remember what they have done.

Amie natively supports this use his case and recommends working this way. That's a dogmatic interpretation of the calendar. But if you're developing an app that competes with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, this is the correct approach.